Chanakya Niti: These 3 things are the most precious on earth, diamonds and pearls also shine in front of them

Chanakya Niti: Every person craves for happiness in life. Both mental and physical happiness are considered like gems in human life, but in the pursuit of getting this run-of-the-mill life and all the fascination, the person is deprived of getting it. Acharya Chanakya has talked about the three precious gems present on the earth in the first verse of the 14th chapter in his Niti Shastra. It is impossible to imagine life without these three pleasures. For those who have all these three, the earth is like heaven. Let us know which three priceless pleasures have been described by Chanakya.

Prithivyam Trini Ratnani Jalmannam Subhashitam.

Mudhai: stone fragments gem noun method.

first pleasure

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Acharya Chanakya says that diamond, pearl, emerald, gold are like a piece of stone, which considers them as gems and loses its real happiness in the desire to get it. The first happiness in real life is food and water. Those who, even after earning a little money, are able to have bread and refreshments for two times, according to Chanakya, no one is happier than them. Every person earns money to feed a sinful stomach, but not everyone gets food in an atmosphere of happiness. He takes food but his mind is full of all the dilemmas which disturb him mentally.

second pleasure

According to Chanakya, who has sweetness in his speech, then he also makes the enemy his admirer. There is a saying about speech – one quiet hundred happiness. That is, it is better to remain silent than to speak wrong. Those who speak arbitrarily are praised everywhere. At the same time, everyone keeps a distance from those who speak bitter words. This is such a gem that not only adds to the image of man, but also increases his honor and respect manifold.

third pleasure

Chanakya says that peace of mind is the biggest wealth, because unless the mind of a person is completely calm, then he can never be happy in his life. In the greed of money, man stays far away from this happiness. Due to which many physical diseases and relationships start getting sour. If the mind is calm and satisfied, success will be achieved at every step, otherwise everything will be lost.

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