Chanakya Niti: Use money for this work in life, success will kiss

Chanakya Niti: Charity is such an act, through which we not only follow religion but also perform our duties by doing welfare of the society. Charity is considered very important for a good and successful life, but charity is glorified only when it is done with a selfless spirit.

The feeling of longing should not arise at the time of charity, otherwise it does not yield results. Chanakya has told three movements of money which are related to the future of the person. One who follows these principles in the right way not only leads a happy life but also gets wealth and progress.

Daanen panirn tu kankanen bathen suddhanane tu chandanen.

Manen triptirn tu bhohanen jnyanen muktirn tu mandanena..

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  • Chanakya says that the three movements of wealth are charity, enjoyment and destruction. The person who uses money only to fulfill his desires and does not donate all his capital gets destroyed. A part of your earnings should definitely be invested in good deeds, service of the people. Charity is very necessary for happiness, virtue and salvation.
  • Chanakya has told the importance of charity through verses. According to Chanakya, the donating hands are much more beautiful than the hands wearing beautiful bracelets. It is told in the verse that the body becomes pure only after bath and not by applying sandalwood paste. The body does not become pure by applying the paste of fragrance. Donation does not reduce wealth but it increases it. The mind is not satisfied with food, for satisfaction, respect is also required. In the same way, salvation is not achieved by dressing up, for this one attains salvation.

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