ChatGPT does not answer the question, it even writes the whole book… Books are also being sold in the market

A surprising news about Chat GPT is coming out that this chatbot has written more than 200 books which are available for sale on e-commerce website Amazon. Earlier it was revealed that this chatbot has cleared the exams of MBA, Medical, Law etc. On hearing this, people were shocked. But, now the bigger thing is that this chatbot can also write books and the books written by it are available on Amazon.

According to a Reuters report, Open AI’s chatbot has written more than 200 books, in which either the chatbot has been the main author of the books or the chatbot has assisted in it as a co-author. You can buy these books from Amazon as e-books or paperbacks. It is also being said that this chatbot has written more than 200 books, but due to the policy, this thing has not been kept openly in front of everyone. It was said in the report that in the month of February, more than 200 e-books were listed on the Amazon Kindle store, in which Chat GPT was listed as the author or co-author.

These books are written by Chat GPT

How to Write and Create Content Using ChatGPT
The power of homework
Echoes of the Universe (which is a poetry collection)
ChatGPT on ChatGPT

The number of books written by Chat GPT is increasing continuously on Amazon. In ChatGPT on ChatGPT, the chatbot has told about itself what it can do. You can view this book for free on Kindle, but its printed version costs around $11.99. Chat GPT is also being used to write moral stories for children.

News Reels

these people in tension

According to a report in Business Insider, Ammaar Reshi, a product design manager at San Francisco, a financial-tech company, said that with the help of Chat GPT, he wrote a book in less than 72 hours, in which he explained AI tools and their Is. At the same time, Mary Rasenberger, executive director of the Authors Guild, said that this situation is worrying and soon big authors may lose their jobs.

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