ChatGPT failed in UPSC prelims exam itself, could answer only so many questions correctly

ChatGPT Fails in UPSC Exam: After the arrival of ChatGPT, it is being used in various ways. Recently many such sentences were seen in which users got many question papers solved by ChatGPT. A similar test was taken once again. In which the question paper of UPSC Prelims exam was solved by ChatGPT. In which ChatGPT was able to answer only 54 questions correctly. UPSC exam is the biggest and toughest exam of the country.

The questions related to UPSC Exam 2022 were asked from ChatGPT by Analytics India Magazine. AIM asked the question ‘Can ChatGPT crack the UPSC exam?’ To this ChatGPT replied that being an AI language model, I have a lot of knowledge. But to pass the UPSC exam, along with knowledge, it is also necessary to have critical thinking, application ability and time management skills. But I will try to answer you appropriately to the best of my abilities.

Questions were asked from different topics from ChatGPT. In which questions related to geography, economy, historical, ecology, general science to current events related to national and international importance and questions related to social development and political science were included. It was found in the report that ChatGPT gave wrong answers to questions related to economy and geography. ChatGPT failed to answer simple history questions. However, this was not the first time when ChatGPT could not answer any question. The cutoff for general category candidates was 87.54, which indicates that ChatGPT could not clear the UPSC exam.

Lakhs of candidates apply every year

UPSC exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the world. Every year lakhs of candidates appear for this exam but only a few of them make it to the mains exam and interview.

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