Check the status of digital life certificate like this, pension money will not stop

Jeevan Pramaan Patra: If you are a beneficiary of pension schemes, then it is very important for you to submit a Life Certificate (Digital Life Certificate) every month to get the benefit of pension. You will not be able to take advantage of the Pension Fund if you do not submit the Jeevan Pramaan. Digital Life Certificate or Life Certificate can be submitted online and offline. You can submit the life certificate online by visiting the portal of the bank or scheme.

Life certificate has to be given every year to continue getting pension. After completion of one year, you may be deprived of submitting life certificate if you do not know the last date. In such a situation, you can continue to get pension by checking the status of Digital Life Certificate.

What is Digital Life Certificate
This is a digital certificate for pensioners, in which the biometric and physical information of the pensioners is as per the Aadhaar card. Digital Life Certificate is a valid certificate under the IT Act. This is the proof of the survival of the pensioners, on the basis of which the benefit of pension is given every month.

How to download Jeevan Pramaan Mobile App
According to the website of Jeevan Pramaan, you can download life certificate online on mobile.
To download the app, first go to
Now enter email id, captcha and agree to download.
After this enter the OTP received on the email.
After entering OTP, you have to click on download mobile app.
You can download the apk file by clicking on the link received in the email.

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How to download and check the status of Digital Life Certificate
After downloading the proof ID, you can download the Digital Life Certificate by clicking on this link. You can download the certificate in PDF version. Apart from this, you can also check the status of Digital Life Certificate here. You must have Aadhaar number or VID for Jeevan Pramaan generation.

When can life certificate be rejected
According to the website of Jeevan Pramaan, in case of rejection of the certificate, the pension giving institution can be contacted. However, if you give wrong information while generating the Digital Life Certificate, it can be rejected and you can be asked to submit the Digital Life Certificate again with the correct information.

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