Chemo, apart from radiotherapy, this technique will end cancer!

Cancer Study: There is hopeful news for the treatment of cancer patients. If the test of scientists is successful, then new technology will be developed in the treatment of cancer. Doctors say that cancer is a deadly disease. The reason behind this is that the information about this disease is rarely available in the first stage. People start showing symptoms in the advanced stage. By then it is too late. Scientists are also continuously doing research to deal with cancer. Now scientists have developed such a new technique.

CRISPR Gene Editing Technique will be treated
Scientists have used CRISPR Gene Editing Technique for the first time. The gene will be inserted in it. Due to which the immune cells will attack the cancer cells and work to eliminate them. This technique will not have any negative effect on normal cells. The effect of immunotherapy will also increase rapidly. This gene editing technique has previously been used to delete specific genes in humans. With this, the immune system can be activated to fight against cancer cells.

Study published in the journal Nature
A study was published in this regard in the journal Nature. It was reported in the study that CRISPR was used not only to knock out specific genes, but also to include some new genes in the immune system. With this, the genes and cells will easily recognize the changes in the patient’s cancer cells. The CRISPR-engineered immune cells began to recognize cancer cells when the patients were re-infected, the researchers said. At that place, a group of cells is formed against cancer. There are specific receptors on immune cells in a person’s immune system. These can specifically recognize cancer cells and differentiate them from normal cells.

separates cancer cells
Immune receptors are used to detect cancer using gene editing. For this, directions are given to the immune cells. Scientist says that this is a big leap in the treatment of cancer. It is very important to isolate the immune receptor and identify cancer cells and treat them.

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