Chhath Puja 2022: Light makeup on Chhath Puja like this, you will look different and beautiful

Chhath Pooja 2022 Make-Up Tips: Chhath Puja has started. During this, women keep a very difficult fast of 36 hours. However, despite the fast, there is neither any decrease in their enthusiasm nor in their decoration. You can also easily and quickly get ready for worship at home, just follow these makeup tips. With this your look will also be complete and you will not have to bother much.

Get ready for Chhath Puja like this

  • Before getting ready for the puja, clean the face with cleansing milk and apply a good moisturizer.
  • Apply foundation in the next step but take it in very small quantity. So much foundation of one gram grain will be enough for the whole face.
  • Apply it in the form of small dots and then blend it with a blender. If there is no blender, then blend the foundation by dab-dab with your finger.
  • Now apply face powder and if it is not there then cover the face with normal powder and scrub off the extra material.
  • Now apply blush and see its color according to the matching of your saree. Although pink blush looks good with everyone.
  • Don’t forget the eyes. Use eyeshadow matching the saree here too. If there is confusion then choose golden color, it looks good with everyone.
  • Complete the eye makeup with eyeliner and make it thick and fine according to your choice.
  • Choose a bindi according to your mind, but a simple red or maroon bindi looks good.
  • Keep the shade of lipstick dark, it gives a traditional look. Remember that the color of the lipstick and the bindi should be the same. If the colors of both run separately, then it does not look good.
  • During the entire make-up, take care that nothing seems overdo. Do light makeup only and avoid heavy makeup.
  • Lock your makeup by putting a makeup setter in the end so that your makeup does not move from its place even in case of sweating etc.

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