Chhath Puja 2022: On Chhath i.e. Surya Shashti, do these measures according to your zodiac, it will shine like the sun

Chhath Puja 2022, Astrology, Zodiac Signs: The day of Chhath i.e. Surya Shashthi is considered very important. On this day, the people who live around Ganga Yamuna worship the Sun with devotion. According to the Panchang, special worship of Sun God is done on the sixth day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. On this day, by offering arghya to the rising sun, we wish for happiness and prosperity in life. It is believed that whatever wishes are sought from this true heart, they are definitely fulfilled. Some astrological remedies have also been given on this day. What are these measures according to the zodiac? Pandit Suresh knows the remedies of Surya Shashthi from Shrimali-

Aries – It will be auspicious to have a hand pump installed in your ancestral house on Surya Shashthi on this day. By doing this you will get lucky soon.

Taurus – Giving raw, coarse coconut or coconut oil and almonds at any religious place on Surya Shashthi will give you freedom from all kinds of inauspicious effects. Do not take anything from anyone, but whatever you do, do it with your own money. By doing this your financial position will be strong.

Gemini – Behave the best on Surya Shashthi and if possible, give some donations to the children. Your progress will be your progress. Avoid lying for any work on this day. Otherwise, your work will also get spoiled.

Cancer – Do not do any work of iron or wood on Surya Shashthi, but the day is very good to do any work related to gold, silver or clothes. Feed the poor and definitely feed them jaggery in the food. Sweetness will dissolve in your life and all will be well.

Leo (Leo)- Serve Surya Shashti to birds or small children. If you do not have small children in your house, then go to a neighboring house or an orphanage and serve. You will get auspicious results. Feeding a banana to a red-faced monkey will increase your stature in the society.

Virgo (Virgo)- During the night on Surya Shashti, you should sleep with a pot of water at your head. This will benefit your children and all their works will be done. By keeping regular dog food outside the shrine and donating millet at the shrine, the father’s health is good, he gets longevity and there is no loss of money.

Libra – If you are starting any new work on Surya Shashthi, then do it only after eating a little sweet and drinking water. All the work will be done well. It will also be very good for you to serve a black cow. Before eating, take a small piece of bread from your plate and offer it to the fire. By doing this, there will be peace and harmony in the family and harmony among all the members.

Scorpio – You should serve a black cow on Surya Shashthi. If you don’t get a black cow, then serve your elder brother. By doing this your life will increase. Step outside the house only after eating sweets. With this all your work will be done.

Sagittarius (Sagittarius)- Donate white pearls or Akshat at any religious place on Surya Shashthi. The stores of food in your house will always be full. Avoid abusing anyone, even if he is your enemy.

Capricorn – On Surya Shashthi, you should put white or Sharbati colored topi or turban on your head. This will increase your respect among others. By keeping Gangajal at home, there will never be any shortage of money and there will be happiness in the family. Do not wear black or blue colored clothes and float a copper coin in running water. By doing this you will not face any problem.

Aquarius – While sleeping on Surya Shashthi, sleep with 5 radishes or 5 almonds on your head and give it to a shrine the next morning after waking up. Avoid lying and do not deceive anyone. Then all your work will be done.

Pisces (Pisces)- Spend time in religious works on Surya Shashthi, if you go to any religious place and serve your hands, then the pace of your works will never stop. Keep the spirit of forgiveness in you today. To whomever you have enmity, forgive him today and extend a hand of friendship towards him. Later that person will definitely come in handy for you.

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