Children watch YouTube videos in the phone, to make it safe, stop adult content like this

Youtube : YouTube is one of the largest video sharing and hosting platforms in the world. You can watch all kinds of videos on YouTube. Even from elders to children, people make many types of content and topics available through YouTube. Along with this, YouTube also creates many problems. So let us tell you that in today’s modern world watching YouTube by young children has become a common thing and this is the time when you need to be alert.

youtube parental control feature

In today’s digital age, everything has become online, even children now mostly watch poems, cartoons, stories and educational videos etc. on Youtube, which with time. It has become a common thing. But the problem arises when many times in the middle of these videos, objectionable and sensitive content starts appearing in the suggestion section. So with this, let us tell you that with a single click on it, children can easily watch such videos. But you do not need to worry because such videos are not visible to children on YouTube, for this Parental Control feature has been given in YouTube. This is available in the settings option of YouTube in the name of Restriction Mode, on which adult videos will not appear in your YouTube videos.

set parental controls on youtube

To turn on the Parental Control feature on Youtube, you have to open the YouTube app in the phone in which you want to turn on this feature. Now after this, as soon as YouTube is on, you have to click on the ‘Profile’ icon appearing on the top-right corner. On clicking, some options will open, now you have to go to ‘Settings’ and click on it. As soon as the setting option is opened, you will get the General option, now click on it. As soon as you tap on General, you will see the option of ‘Restricted Mode’, which will be restricted to 18 plus content on your smartphone’s YouTube as soon as you turn it on. Let us tell you that by doing this, the visibility of adult content on YouTube is reduced to a great extent, so that you can be worried and children can easily watch videos.

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