Childrens Day 2022 Quotes: Send this message to friends on Children’s Day, congratulate and remember childhood

Happy Childrens Day 2022 Wishes: Every year on 14 November 2022, the birthday of the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is celebrated as Children’s Day. Since 1964, this day is celebrated as Children’s Day. This day is special for every child. Various programs are organized for the children in schools on this day. On the other hand, on Children’s Day, elders remember each other’s childhood by sending messages to their friends and loved ones. Childhood period is the happiest and carefree. There is neither the burden of responsibility nor the tension of earning in this. On this occasion, you can also congratulate your friends with special children’s day messages, quotes, and best wishes.

Childhood is the treasure of happiness

who never comes back

it is very difficult to forget from memories

News Reels

It’s a lot of fun to eat and drink

Balkhana all day with friends

Happy Children’s Day 2022

I remember that childhood

when happiness was short

happy to catch a butterfly in the garden

It was as happy as breaking the stars.

Happy Children’s Day 2022

when were the days of childhood

those were very nice moments

had nothing to do with sadness

was never angry

Happy Children’s Day 2022

Children are the basis of country’s progress

Children will make Chacha Nehru’s dreams come true

Happy Children’s Day 2022

Every season of childhood was pleasant

paper boat in the rain

It was the story of the mother and the story of the fairies

Happy Children’s Day 2022

no morning news

no evening place,

coming home from school tired

learn a lot by playing

Happy Children’s Day 2022

there was a childhood

when there was a time of happiness

wanted to get the moon but

Heart was crazy about colorful butterflies

Happy Children’s Day 2022

November 14 is the day of children

soft hearted and raw buds

These dear children of true heart

Chacha Nehru has dear children

Happy Children’s Day 2022

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