Cigarette addiction can make you sick, get rid of it like this

Smoking Habits: Cigarette addiction is very dangerous. It not only affects your health, but it also has a profound effect on the health of the people living around you. So it is in your best interest to quit cigarettes. Many people believe that quitting cigarette addiction is difficult, but it is not at all. If you want to do any work then it can be done very easily. You do not need to do much to get rid of cigarette addiction, but with the help of some home remedies, you can get rid of cigarette addiction. Let us know about these home remedies-

How to get rid of cigarette addiction?

Consume Cinnamon and Honey

If you want to get rid of the habit of smoking cigarettes, then cinnamon and honey can be very beneficial for you. To consume it, grind cinnamon finely. Mix some honey in it. After this, whenever you want to smoke a cigarette, then consume this mixture. This will gradually end the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Ginger and Amla are beneficial

Ginger and amla can be healthy for your health to end cigarette addiction. To consume it, grate ginger and amla well and dry it. Now add a little lemon juice and salt to this powder and keep it in a container. Now whenever you want to smoke a cigarette, consume it. With this, the addiction of cigarette smoking can end gradually.

oregano and fennel

To get rid of cigarette addiction, you can consume a mixture of fennel and carom seeds. For this, grind both of them in equal quantity. Add a little black salt to this powder and consume it. This can lead to the addiction of cigarettes.

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