Contractor cheated with Sambhavna Seth, left work incomplete after taking lakhs of rupees

Sambhavna Seth Vlog: Famous Bhojpuri actress and YouTuber Sambhavna Seth does not need any separate identity. Often, Sambhavna Seth keeps making headlines for her blog videos. Recently, Sambhavna Seth’s latest blog video has surfaced, in which Sambhavna is talking about registering a police case against the contractor of her new house. Along with this, Sambhavna Seth is also telling that the contractor has defrauded her of lakhs.

Sambhavna Seth angry at the contractor of the new house

Sambhavna Seth is currently one of the famous personality of YouTube. Meanwhile, Sambhavna Seth has shared the latest video on her official YouTube channel. Sambhavna is seen talking about registering a police case against the contractor of the new house in this blog video. Actually Sambhavna Seth and her husband Avinash Dwivedi are seen venting their anger against the contractor of the new house in this video. During this, Sambhavna Seth tells how even after taking lakhs of rupees, the contractor has left her house work incomplete and is making excuses for speaking for the work.

An angry Sambhavna asks to file a police case against that contractor. Sambhavna Seth believes that such people should not be spared and they should be lodged with the police after complaining to them. As evidence, Sambhavna Seth has signed papers, Aadhaar card and necessary documents. But in the end, Sambhavna and Avinash decide that they will not file a police complaint against that contractor. Because Sambhavna believes that doing this will be a waste of time, the contractor will not listen to them, will not do the work on time and will return the money. That’s why it is better to get the unfinished work done by someone else.

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Sambhavna Seth has taken a new home

This blog video of Sambhavna Seth clearly shows that she has found it very difficult to buy a new house. In the video, Sambhavna Seth is also seen saying that on the 12th of last month, the contractor had asked to finish all the house work and now after a month all the work is lying incomplete.

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