Cooking Tricks: If you do this work while kneading the dough, you will get puffy rotis

Smart Cooking Hacks: If there is no roti in the plate, the food remains incomplete. If we don’t get to eat roti for a day, it seems as if life is impossible without it, because it is the only grain that we can eat every day without getting bored. As much as it is fun to eat bread, it is equally difficult to make it. Not everyone knows how to make good bread. Some make it crooked and some make very thick roti. Making thin soft and fluffy rotis is no less than an art.

Women often complain that the rotis are not puffed. Today we will remove all those complaints through this article. Here we are going to tell you such a tip, by adopting which you can make absolutely puffed round roti, and without any hesitation you can invite anyone for lunch or dinner.

need good quality flour

The biggest factor behind making perfect and thin roti is the quality of flour. If the quality of the flour is good, then the rotis will be delicious, so it would be better to grind the flour on the grinder. Avoid using packaged flour available in the market, because there is no guarantee of the quality of packaged flour and if you do not have a mill, then use flour of a good brand.

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It is very important to knead the dough properly

Now it is the turn to knead the dough, many women knead hard dough, but it does not make very good rotis. If you want to make soft rotis, then you will have to knead the dough also soft. For this, there should be no shortage of water in the flour, if possible, sprinkle water after every few moments to make the flour rise and let it rise for 10 to 15 minutes. Knead it by punching it very well.

Keep these things in mind while baking roti

1. While making roti, roll it very well. Use less dry flour while rolling the roti.

2.Before putting the roti on the griddle, let the griddle heat well. Keep the heat of the griddle balanced. Roti gets burnt on a very hot griddle and if it is not heated properly, the rotis get twisted.

3.Do not wait too long to cook the roti on tawa. When light bubbles start appearing in it and the color starts getting darker from one side, then turn the roti. Do not make the mistake of turning the roti again and again, let one side cook properly.

4.While baking roti from time to time, keep adjusting the probe so that the roti does not burn and gets cooked properly.

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