Corona returned again with a new look, everyone from doctor to scientist was afraid

Corona In India: Corona wreaked havoc not only in the country but in the world. The Delta variant killed thousands of people. After vaccination, people’s immune system got stronger and those who were infected also developed their own immune system. For this reason, the Omicron virus has not been so dangerous in the country. The scary thing is that the virus has started mutating itself rapidly to stay alive in people’s bodies. Kovid’s new variant BF.7 has knocked in the country. This XXB variant is fast catching people in Maharashtra, Orissa, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Experts have expressed concern that the next two to three weeks are very important. If precautions are not taken, it can spread its feet in every corner of the country. People need to wear masks, maintain a distance of two yards and use sanitisers. What is the virus, how it mutated, how the variant would be identified, you will get all the information here.

    • Get to know BF.7 first

BF7 is also known as ‘Omicron spawn. It was first found in Mongolia, China. From there it has failed in many states of China. In the last two weeks, its cases in America have doubled. In European countries UK, Germany and France also, its infection growth figure has increased from 15 to 25%.

where in india
The first case of BF7 has been found at the Biotechnology Research Center in Gujarat. Doctors say that the next 2 to 3 weeks are very important. Diwali Crowds of people will gather in the markets on the festival. This will further increase the risk of infection.

Virus attacking like this
According to the study, the new virus suppresses the immune system, as well as easily brightens the antibodies made from infection or vaccination. Individuals who are completely vaccinated or have antibodies due to Kovid. They are also at risk of getting sick from this new variant. It is also fatal because of the viruses that have emerged so far, more viral particles were needed to make others sick. In this case this variant is different. Even mild exposure to it can make a person sick.

know the symptoms
If we talk about the symptoms in BF7, then due to being of the corona family, most of its symptoms are similar to the Kovid-19 virus. Cough, cold, fever, runny nose are common, the one that has emerged the most different is the pain in the whole body. Doctors say that if there is pain in a person’s body with common symptoms of corona, then there is a need to get checked up immediately. May be in the grip of new variants.

    • Now understand the XBB variant

The XBB virus was found in Singapore in August. It is a hybrid variant made up of BA.2.75 and BJ.1. It has failed in 17 countries of the world. Scientists say that this virus has been born due to a change in the surface of the virus’s spike protein. The number of cases of BA 2.75 in India is 88%, while that of XBB is 7%. This virus had engulfed the whole of Singapore. However, the number of cases there is decreasing right now. The XBB virus is wreaking havoc in America right now.

low risk of death
It is being said about the XBB virus that its symptoms are not as dangerous as those of other members of its family. But what is disturbing is that it mutates very fast. Due to this mutation, a large population of the country can be vulnerable to this virus. Its symptoms are also similar to the old corona virus.

can catch more people because
According to scientists, XBB is catching more people because it has also seen changes in the outer surface of its protein surface. This led to immune invasion of the virus. Immune invasion means that people in whom anti-body is formed after covid vaccination and infection. The virus managed to make the body sick even after fighting them.

Genome sequencing will detect variants
In the Kovid test, only corona is confirmed. With this it is not known which variant you are in the grip of. Doctors say that genome sequencing needs to be done to know about the variants. It is also called genome mapping. It is normally associated with DNA and RNA. In genome mapping, changes in genes, the distance between genes from one gene to another, the absence of a gene at a given place, everything is seen. If there is a change in the gene, then it is called mutation of the virus. omicron, Delta or now BF.7, XXB is to be identified, then it is possible only through genome sequencing. Yes, pain has emerged as a symptom in both the new viruses, in such a situation, if there is pain with cough, cold, sore throat, then you can understand that you are in the grip of either of these two viruses.

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