Cough does not go away, the whole country is worried about flu attack, ICMR gave a big warning about cough!

H3N2 Virus: Cough is common in the changing season. But if you are troubled by cough for a long time, despite taking syrup and medicines, the cough is not taking the name of stopping, then you need to be alert. Because this is not a normal cough. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has confirmed that the current outbreak of high fever and cough in the country is due to Influenza A, H3N2 virus. According to ICMR, it is more effective than other viruses. People suffering from this are getting admitted in the hospital fast.

Symptoms of the H3N2 virus

Let us tell you that ICMR, through its network of Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratories across the country, keeps an eye on diseases caused by viruses. According to Dr. Nivedita, Head of Epidemiology in ICMR, 30 VRDLS since December 15 Data has recorded a spurt in the number of cases of influenza A H2N2 (H3N2). According to ICMR, 92% of hospitalized A3N2 (H3N2) patients had fever, 86% had cough, 27% had shortness of breath, 16% had nervousness. Apart from this, monitoring by ICMR found that 16% of such patients had pneumonia and 6% had seizures. According to ICMR, about 10% of the patients suffering from (H3N2) virus require oxygen and 7% require ICU care.

Avoid blind use of antibiotics: IMA

According to ICMR, those exposed to H3N2 virus may have high fever. Chills and shivering may occur. High fever comes and persistent cough may persist. This cough is not common, it can bother for many days. In this, there can be hoarseness in the voice from soreness. According to IMA, people suffering from this problem should avoid excessive use of antibiotics and should keep in touch with the doctor. The Indian Medical Association has asked doctors to refrain from prescribing antibiotics for this. Experts say that the effect of the virus is likely to subside by the end of March or the first week of April. Because from this time the rise in temperature starts

save like this

  • Wash hands regularly and avoid shaking hands and spitting in public
  • avoid touching eyes and nose
  • Cover your mouth and nose while coughing.
  • It is necessary to wear a mask while going out of the house.
  • avoid going to polluted places
  • Consume more and more liquids.
  • Take paracetamol in case of body pain or fever

lakhs of cases every year

Let us tell you that this is not a new virus. It has been around for decades. According to WHO, 3 million to 5 million cases of seasonal influenza occur globally every year, out of which 2.9 million to 6.55 people die due to respiratory illness. According to the United Nations health body, vaccination is the most effective way to prevent the disease.

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