Covid: Corona first persecuted, then took vaccine, then these diseases bothered, know

Vaccination after Coronavirus: The cases of Kovid have definitely reduced, but the danger is not averted. People are leading normal life. The main reason behind this is the central government’s vaccination campaign. After getting the vaccine to crores of people of the country, their immune power has become so strong that now the corona virus is not affecting them. But after this vaccination some people also faced problems.

Symptoms seen after vaccination
A study was done during Kovid and after vaccination, this study was done on about 56 thousand people. The common symptoms after the vaccination were more complaints of sneezing, cough, cold and stomach related disturbances. In case of sneezing, the researchers even advised to conduct a Kovid test.

Abdominal distension was also observed
According to the data collected, after being hit by Kovid, the problem of diarrhea ie stomach upset was seen more than others. Earlier this year, these symptoms were most commonly reported, although a major reason behind this was the Delta and Omicron viruses.

Symptoms decreasing with each variant
Corona kept changing its variants continuously. omicron And Delta remained more dangerous. Most of the people had diarrhea after being corona. In younger people it lasted for 2 to 3 days, in those who were a little older, these symptoms were seen for 7 days. Another thing revealed in the study is that the symptoms of coronavirus kept on decreasing with each variant. During the wave, diarrhea was seen in one in five people who were under the age of 65, their number was 3 in 10. Whereas those who were over 65 were affected by 4 out of 10

Symptoms like cough, cold, fatigue
After the vaccine, many people talked about having different problems. What came out in the study included runny nose, headache, sore throat and persistent cough, common symptoms, this symptom appeared in people who had administered double doses of Kovid, although doctors say That if the symptoms are showing again and again, then there is a need to get Kovid-19 done immediately.

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