Cristiano Ronaldo’s sensational claim, said- ‘I got cheated in Manchester United’

Cristiano Ronaldo on Manchester United: The differences between Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United have come to the fore. Ronaldo has made many allegations on the management of Manchester United in a TV interview. He has even said that there are two-three people, including United manager Eric Ten Haag, who do not want to see him at the club.

Even before the start of this season, there were strong discussions that Ronaldo wanted to leave Manchester United. However, there was no talk of his transfer anywhere. After this, it was coming to the fore in different media reports that all is not well between Ronaldo and Manchester United coach Erik Ten Haag. Their differences came to the fore when Ronaldo refused to come on as a substitute in the match against Tottenham Hotspur last month.

After this incident, Ronaldo remained out of the Manchester United team in the next few matches. Recently he returned to the team in the match against Aston Villa. Although Manchester United had to face defeat in this match. After this, Ronaldo once again remained out of the team in this Sunday’s match.

What did Ronaldo say?
Ronaldo said in Piers Morgan’s uncensored TV show, ‘I have no respect for him (Manchester United coach) because he also does not respect me. Not only the coach but there are 2-3 more such people in the club. I have got cheated here.

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When Ronaldo was asked if the club’s senior club executive wanted him out? To this Ronaldo replied, ‘Yes I feel that I have been cheated and I also feel that some people do not want to see me here. It is not a matter of this year only, it was probably something similar last year as well.

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