Cryptocurrency Rate: Recovery in the crypto market today, know the rates of bitcoin, ethereum and others

Cryptocurrency Rate Today 15 November: Global crypto market capitalization is at $ 850.31 billion, which means it has seen a growth of 0.82 percent since yesterday till today. After yesterday’s heavy fall, the loss of crypto investors has come down a bit due to the recovery seen in the crypto market today. The market cap of the cryptocurrency market has become $850,314,360,456. Its 24-hour volume has been $72,855,708,169. It has 38.2 percent of bitcoin and 18.3 percent of ethereum.

bitcoin price
If you look at the rate of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin at this time, it is trading at a rate of $ 16,846.20. Its one-hour trading has seen a decline of 0.48 percent and a day’s trading has seen a jump of 0.80 percent.

ethereum price
If you look at the rate of the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum at this time, it is at $ 1,264.41 and its price has decreased by 0.62 percent in 1 hour. At the same time, the price has fallen by 0.50 percent in 24 hours. Its rates have come down by 15.24 per cent in a week or in 7 days.

How is BNB doing?
The rate of BNB currently remains at $274.33. In the last one hour, this cryptocurrency has seen a decline of 2.15 percent and 2.64 percent in a day. Its 7 days of trade has caused a loss of 17.28 per cent to the investors.

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The rate of XRP is currently at $0.382 and it has gained 0.02 percent in its one-hour trade. At the same time, the one day trading rate has declined by 11.06 percent. However, it has incurred a loss of 13.12 per cent in the trade of one week or 7 days.

If you look at the rate of Dogecoin, it is at the rate of $ 0.08696 and it has lost 1.07 percent in one hour. It has seen an increase of 0.12 percent in a day. However, if we look at the trade of 7 days, it is trading with a decline of 15.45 percent.

The rate of Cardano is seeing a boom today and it is trading at $0.3389 with an increase. Its 1-hour rate chart has recorded a strength of 0.02 percent and 1.74 percent in the 1-day price chart. However, if we look at the price of one week, then an overall decline of 12.28 percent has been recorded in it.

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