Cryptocurrency Rate Today: Cryptocurrency Prices Fall, Bitcoin Slips Below $21,000

Cryptocurrency Rate Today 7 November: The cryptocurrency market is not seeing much enthusiasm today and the rally seen at the end of the week has disappeared today. The entire cryptocurrency market is seen in the red mark today due to the decline of crypto in Asian markets. However, on the strength of the rally seen at the end of the week, the market cap of the cryptocurrency market remains above $ 1 trillion. Bitcoin had slipped below $21,000 in early trading today and Ethereum was also unable to maintain its level of $1600.

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Today the price of bitcoin is at $ 20,748.26 and it is registering a decline of 2.51 percent. At the same time, its market cap remains at $398,381,552,535.

What’s up with Ethereum
Rates of $ 1,570.79 are being seen in Ethereum and it is trading with a decline of 1.18 percent. Its market cap has come down to $ 192,417,528,314.

The rate of BNB is at $ 331.08 and it is trading with a gain of 2.04 percent.

There is also a big drop in the rate of Dogecoin today and it remains at $ 0.1149 with a big decline of 4.73 percent.

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The price of Solana is at $ 31.33 today and it is also trading with a big decline of 7.42 percent.

Polygon is trading at $1.19 and it is trading with a tremendous jump of 29.52 percent.

Today the rate of $ 6.77 is being seen in Polkadot and it remains on a slight decline of 0.04 percent.

What is affecting the cryptocurrency market
Losses are being seen in bitcoin, ethereum and other currencies today. With a volume of $ 70.1 billion, the global cryptocurrency market is above $ 1 trillion, but the effect of the US Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates is being seen on the dollar, which is also affecting the cryptocurrency market adversely.

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