Danced on ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ … cut cake, Shahrukh Khan celebrated his birthday with fans like this

Shah Rukh Khan Birthday Celebration With Fans: Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday is no less than a festival for his fans. From the night of November 1, his fans were seen celebrating the birthday of their favorite star. At the same time, as usual, King Khan also came twice in the balcony of ‘Mannat’ and showed his glimpse to the fans.

Today i.e. from the morning of November 2, there were reports that Shahrukh would organize an event for his loved ones in a five star hotel and share the happiness of his birthday with the fans by cutting a cake. At the same time, such photos and videos have started appearing on social media, in which Shahrukh is seen among the fans. However, it is being told that these photos and videos are from an event organized in a college in Mumbai.

Shahrukh danced and cut cake
Such videos and photos are constantly being shared on social media on Shahrukh Khan’s fan page, in which it can be seen that the fans are very happy to have Shahrukh among them. During this, Shahrukh Khan was seen wearing a white t-shirt and jeans with a dinam jacket, in which he looked very killer, the special thing is that this jacket was gifted to him by his fan. The look of his upcoming film ‘Pathan’ was also printed on the back of his denim jacket.

In a video that surfaced, Shahrukh is seen dancing on the stage to his popular song ‘Chaiya Chaiyya’. At the same time, seeing him dancing, the fans are shouting loudly.

Not only dance, Shahrukh Khan also cut his birthday cake during this time and also shared the joy of completing 57 years with his fans.

It is being told in media reports that about 1000 of his fans were present with Shahrukh Khan in this event, who were very happy to have King Khan among them.

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