Dear ladies, do this test for your good health so that you will also be fine.

12 Tests that every Woman: There are very few women or men who get their whole body checked once a year. Today we will talk about its benefits. You must have heard this many times ‘Safety is prevention’. But hardly anyone would ever take this line seriously. Why do we come to know about any serious and major disease at the last stage? This happens because we go to the hospital only if our health is a little worse, otherwise we prefer to stay at home after taking medicines. In such a situation, a big and serious disease knocks in our body.

There are many people who get their whole body checked once a year. By getting this checkup done, you get to know about any disease in the beginning itself. As soon as there is time, you can easily prevent it. But today we will talk about women. Women handle everything from office to home without making a fuss. Their spirit is always saluted. Today our article is in the name of women only. Dear ladies you take care of everything. You manage everything at home, child, office, inside and outside. In this rush, you forget to take care of yourself. So please take care of yourself and get these tests done once in a year. Let us tell you which are the tests in a year that you must get done.

Which 12 tests especially women must get done?

Vitamin B12 Folate

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It helps in examining your brain, blood and nervous system.

vitamin D

This test is very beneficial for bone, fertility, immune health.


It helps in checking your body’s metabolic and thyroid.

iron test

If there is a deficiency of iron in the body, get the test done for this and ask the doctor about ferretin.


This test tests the amount of plasma glucose in your blood stream over the past 2-3 months.

Lipid panel test reveals these things

total cholesterol

bad cholesterol

good cholesterol

Triglycerides – This tells about good fat.

You can also ask the doctor that what is the level of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the body. Along with this, you can also ask whether it has increased or not,

hormone panel

Hormone panel test gives accurate information about the hormonal balance of the body of women.


estradiol- This hormone which is found in the ovaries, breasts and adrenal glands of women.

TestosteroneTestosterone is a hormone found in small amounts in women.

progesteroneProgesterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone produced by the body through cholesterol in your diet.

fasting insulin – This test detects whether the level of blood sugar is elevated or under control, diabetes, or metabolic.

hs-crp In a major illness, has there been swelling in your body? You can find it out with this test.

calcium As a woman ages, there is a decline in estrogen hormone. Due to the lack of estrogen, the bones become weak. This is the reason why women above 35 years should take regular calcium medicine.

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