Delhi’s primary schools will open from tomorrow, AQI is less than 400, know latest updates

Delhi Primary Schools To Reopen From Tomorrow: In view of the increasing air pollution in Delhi, the primary schools there were closed. However, now the air of Delhi has improved somewhat and in such a situation, the Delhi government has decided to reopen the schools. According to the order passed by the Delhi Government, Delhi Primary School will re-open from Wednesday, tomorrow i.e. 09 November 2022. From tomorrow, children from KG to class five will be able to attend classes again by going to school. The government has decided to open schools when Delhi’s AQI falls below 400.

School closure was announced on 04 November

In order to save the children from the damage caused by the increasing air pollution in Delhi, the Delhi government had closed the primary schools recently. The Kejriwal government had announced the closure of schools from KG to class five on November 04. After taking stock of the situation and after coming down to the level of pollution, schools in Delhi are being opened again.

Schools will also open in Noida from tomorrow

The Delhi government examined the situation and when it was found that the AQI came to 352 at 9.10 am on one day and reached 213 the next day, the order to open the school was passed. Let us inform that along with Delhi NCR, schools in Noida region were also closed due to pollution. Schools from classes 1 to 8 were closed in Noida. Noida schools are also opening from tomorrow.

Schools were closed because of this

Schools here were closed due to the deteriorating air quality of Delhi. The AQI here had reached 400, due to which there was a danger of all the respiratory problems. That is why the Delhi government had ordered the closure of the school. Now after improving the AQI, the Delhi Government has given orders to reopen the school.

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