Dengue-Covid both are spreading, how to identify, which virus caught

Covid Treatment: is present in the covid environment. This virus is continuously mutating to become lethal. Scientists and doctors are keeping an eye on its mutation. There are also tensions about the fact that like the delta variant, no mutation of Kovid should become dangerous. At the same time, another virus is also spreading in other states including Delhi. Dengue disease is caused by the bite of female Aedes aegypti. But the problem before the people is whether Kovid has happened or Dengue. How to identify it? To identify any disease, its symptoms are seen only.

Dengue and covid are both viral diseases. The symptoms of both are common, such as fever, chills, headache and body ache. There are also some different ones. Let us know how to identify it when it is covid or dengue, fever, chills, headache and body ache. So how can one understand the difference between them?

These are the symptoms of dengue
According to the US CDC, persistent vomiting, shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, restlessness, enlargement of the liver, rapid platelet count, bleeding from any part of the body are the main symptoms of dengue.

Know the symptoms of Kovid now
Many symptoms of covid are also different from dengue. These include trouble breathing, persistent chest pain, blue lips or face, wheezing, confusion, trouble sleeping or waking up. Apart from this, many new symptoms of Kovid have developed. They also need attention.

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In how many days do symptoms appear
The time of emergence of symptoms of any disease is also decided. For example, it takes one to 3 weeks for the symptoms of typhoid to develop. If infected with dengue, the patient can show symptoms in 3 to 10 days. At the same time, it takes up to 14 days for the symptoms of Kovid to appear.

What is the difference between the treatment of covid and dengue?
The symptoms of covid and dengue are different. There is also a difference in its treatment. Platelets decrease in dengue. Many patients need to be plated. As the plate increases, the patient’s condition starts improving. At the same time, Kovid can also be defeated by strengthening the immune system. It can be managed with doctor’s medicine, healthy diet and some basic methods. Medicines are needed in the treatment of dengue.

Will know only by investigation
If there is dengue and covid, their existence can be confirmed only in the investigation. Dengue kit shows you to be dengue positive. At the same time, the information about being Kovid is also obtained from the kit test.

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