Dengue patients have increased risk of liver disease, delay in treatment can lead to death

Dengue: The number of dengue patients has increased every year in India. Be it Delhi, Bihar, UP or Kolkata Dengue creates panic every year after the rains. This year too, dengue has become a matter of concern in the country’s capital Delhi. Not only this, liver-related problems are also being seen in dengue patients. According to the news of Times of India Holi The doctor of the family hospital told that 6-10 dengue patients are coming to the hospital every day. Liver and capillary leaks are being seen in these patients. Most of these patients are people whose age is 20 to 40 years.

What is Capillary Leak?
According to the information received from doctors, due to some reason plasma leaks in the veins in ‘capillary leak’. Due to which it starts spreading in the surrounding tissues. According to experts, it also increases blood pressure. Due to which other health related problems start. Experts say that if patients of ‘capillary leak’ are not treated on time, then it can also lead to their death.

Major symptoms of capillary leak

restlessness irritability

If you are going through constant irritability or are feeling restless after having dengue, then you should immediately consult a doctor.


It is inevitable to feel tired after dengue, but if there is always fatigue in the body or if you do not feel like doing any work, then you can still visit the doctor.

severe abdominal pain

Abdominal pain cannot be ignored as it can also be a symptom of capillary leak.

muscle pain

There is always tiredness and muscle pain in the body, even then these can be the initial symptoms of the disease.

frequent thirst

After having dengue, even if you feel like drinking water continuously, it is a matter of tension. Do not ignore this initial symptom even by mistake.

sudden body weight gain

If your body weight is increasing suddenly after having dengue, then you should try to control it first and even then if it is not controlled then you should immediately visit the doctor.

Let us tell you that like every year, this year also dengue has wreaked havoc. Till now thousands of people in many states have come under the grip of this serious disease. On the other hand, many people have also died due to this disease. There is an atmosphere of fear in the country regarding dengue. In fact, the dengue patient is getting other types of diseases.

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