Despite the difficulties of menopause, this is why Michelle Obama considers herself lucky

Michelle Obama On Menopause: As important as menstruation is in the life of any woman, the condition of menopause is equally important. This is the process when the process of menstrual cycle stops. Usually the period of stopping of this cycle is 45 to 50 years. It is an essential part of a woman’s life but due to limited information and low awareness, it becomes a difficult phase which gives physical, emotional and mental stress.

Often women shy away from talking about it, but 58-year-old former First Lady Michelle Obama has publicly discussed hormone changes in women’s bodies. By talking on this topic, Michelle Obama has tried to remove the hesitation of women due to which she could not put her problems in front of others.

What did First Lady Michelle Obama say on menopause

The former First Lady of America recently spoke about the challenges of menopause with People Magazine ahead of the release of her book The Light We Carry. He said that there is not much to discuss on this. I am going through this, and I know my friends are going through this too. She tells that during this period she has got a lot of moral support from friends as well. We talk to each other. Laugh, share your challenges together, it gives many real information which helps you in this difficult time.

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need to look at yourself differently

Michelle accepts the changes that come during this time. He said that if I can walk and move forward then I don’t need to run. I don’t need to beat everyone. I have to change the way I look at my health. I never weigh myself. I don’t try to stick to numbers. She said I am physically active. And instead of aiming to be the same Michelle Obama that I used to be, I just want to keep going.

Talking about how much her workout has changed after menopause, she admitted that she cannot push herself towards workouts as much as before. Some reason for this is menopause, while some is due to aging. She says that we are all going through that phase of menopause, in which it is normal to increase waistline, weight gain. I need to think carefully about all this, not being obsessive.

Because of this Michelle considers herself blessed

Talking about her fitness at present, she said that instead of doing more cardio stretching, she focuses more on making her fitness flexible. She says that she is able to maintain as much fitness as is required to keep the body balanced. Michelle Obama considers herself lucky that she did not experience any extreme mood swings during menopause. They feel blessed in a way that their skin is still healthy. His hair is still on his head. He counts these things as blessings.

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