Different symptoms in children, elderly and pregnant women… Identify them immediately and get them treated.

H3N2 Virus Symptoms: These days the virus is wreaking havoc in the country. There have been reports of people losing their lives after getting infected with the virus. Influenza virus like H3N2 knocks every year in the changing season. But this time the variant is being said to be more dangerous. The symptoms of this virus are like corona. Corona’s vaccine has been developed. There is no vaccine to prevent this virus. To prevent this, it is necessary to identify its symptoms. The symptoms of this virus are seen differently in children, elderly and pregnant women. Children, elderly and pregnant ladies are considered sensitive regarding diseases. In such a situation, the symptoms emerging in them should be identified immediately.

symptoms in children

It is important to recognize the symptoms in children. High fever, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, cough, cold, non-discharge of phlegm, symptoms of pneumonia begin to appear when the condition worsens.

Alert if you see these symptoms in a pregnant lead

Other problems are already seen in pregnant women. They need to be careful. Care should be taken if there is fever for more than three days. Bronchitis, cough and cold, excess phlegm, body ache, headache are included.

These symptoms can be seen in the elderly

Apart from children, pregnant women, symptoms of H3N2 can also be seen in children. High pressure in the chest, cough persisting for more than 3 days, loose motion, nausea, headache, feeling of weakness are included. If the infection increases in the lungs, there can be serious difficulty in breathing.

if someone is already sick

There are some people who often fall in the grip of viral cough and cold. Some people also struggle with severe lung infection. Such people may have pain and heaviness, fever, difficulty in breathing, more sore throat, heaviness in the ears due to accumulated phlegm in the chest.

save like this

This is a viral infection. Any person present nearby or touching the infected surface can get infected. There is no vaccine available to prevent it. But it can be kept away by taking precautions. Keep using sanitizer, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, do not go to crowded places. If someone looks suspicious, stay away from him, gargle with salt water, consult a doctor if the problem increases.

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