Do not consume radish with this vegetable at all, otherwise you will have to face serious consequences

Health Tips: Radish is sold in plenty in the market during the winter season. People include it as a salad in their lunch and dinner as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which are known to repair damaged cells. Along with this, radish also controls blood sugar to a great extent, but all these benefits can reach you when you consume it in a proper way. If you do anything wrong while eating radish, then you may have to suffer more losses than benefits. Let us know how to consume radish.

With or after these things Don’t eat radish

  • Milk:Radish paratha is made a lot in winter season. In such a situation, if you eat milk or anything made of milk, like kheer, after eating parathas, then you may have problems related to the skin. This can cause skin rashes.
  • Orange:Radish should never be consumed with orange. Their combination can cause you stomach problems. The digestive system can also get damaged. According to the doctor, orange should be consumed only after 12 hours of eating radish. If you are taking it as a salad, then do not do this at all. This can cause stomach problems, it can lead to breathing and heart related problems.
  • Tea: Many people eat radish paratha in the morning breakfast and After that drink tea, it should not be done at all. It can cause acidity and constipation.

Radish will benefit in these things

  • People who have stomach worms should eat raw radish, it is also good to consume it with pomegranate juice.
  • Eating radish with turmeric is also beneficial. Is. Patients of piles should eat radish with turmeric.
  • If you do not feel hungry, drink radish juice mixed with ginger juice, it increases appetite and all stomach problems can be removed.

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