Do not do such a thing even by forgetting in front of children, it may have a wrong effect

Tips For Good Parenting: Raising children is not an easy task. Children learn well, move forward and their development is good in every way, for this, parents do all the work which is necessary. Children’s mind is very clear. They do not know good and bad things. That’s why the things that parents do in front of them have an effect on their whole life. Sometimes their habit also becomes the same. Therefore, if you want to take good care of your child, then even after forgetting these five things should not be done in front of them.

1. Compliment can spoil work

Children should not be praised all the time. When you say things like ‘good boy’ or ‘very nice’ to children, then slowly they start working for praise. But when you tell them that, you did a good job with your team. Such things motivate them to do good work.

2. Do not drop the morale even by mistake

Children’s morale should never be lowered. Whenever they are not able to do any work or they are not interested in it, then their morale should be increased. Make them practice and work hard. With this, the child will happily be motivated for hard work.

3. Don’t say such words

If your child is upset and is crying in front of you, then he should not say ‘You are OK’. This might upset him even more. Whenever the child appears in trouble, go to him and hug him and make him feel that you understand him.

4. Haste is the work of Satan

You must have heard this proverb. This is just one thing, but never ask your children to work early. Instead you can say let’s hurry. In such a situation, he will feel that you are part of a team.

5. We can’t buy

If the child asks to buy something, then never tell him that you cannot buy that thing. Instead, you can talk to him about something else or you can also tell about saving money.

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