Do not eat these things even by forgetting in the festive season, otherwise your weight may increase

Diwali 2022: Diwali is full of delicacies. In such a situation, people keep their fitness at number two, so that they can eat sweets and dishes on this occasion. But doing so can have a bad effect on your health. Especially if you want to control your weight, then focus on it even on the occasion of Diwali. So that your weight can be under control. Let’s know about some such things, by eating which your weight can increase very fast.  


Jalebis are made in the homes of most of the people on Diwali. Its succulent taste is liked by almost everyone, but if you want to control your weight then stay away from jalebis this festive season. This can not only increase your weight, but due to this problems like diabetes, cholesterol can also increase in the body.


Make distance from the laddoos

If there are no laddus in Diwali, then the color of the festival fades. Many people sweeten their mouths by feeding each other laddus. Not only does this increase your weight, but cholesterol and blood sugar levels can also increase. Along with this, the problems related to stomach also increase due to laddoos. So try not to eat laddus. 


Avoid eating Gujiya in Diwali. 

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