Do not get trapped in the trap of ‘Like YouTube videos and earn money’, many people have lost millions, know

Cyber ​​Fraud: The cases of cyber fraud are increasing continuously. Fraudsters are trapping people in their net in different ways. Recently, many such cases have come to the fore where people have been robbed of their hard earned money in the name of liking YouTube videos. Actually, scammers tell the person in front that they will be given Rs 50 for liking YouTube videos. In the beginning, scammers first give people a little money and then loot their money by trapping them.

Gurugram woman lost 8.5 lakhs

According to the PTI report, Simranjit Singh Nanda, a resident of Gurgaon, came under YouTube fraud and handed over Rs 8.5 lakh to a scammer. According to the report, the scammer approached the woman through WhatsApp and told about the investment opportunity. After this, a telegram link was shared to the woman where she was told to get Rs 50 for liking a YouTube video. In the police complaint, Simranjit told that the scammers later asked to transfer money in the name of merchant task and in total, Simranjit Singh handed over Rs 8.5 lakh to the scammers on March 27, 28, 29 and 30. Many times scammers also say that there is a problem in making the payment, so they ask the person in front to send some money to their account and then clear the account money by taking information about OTP etc. p>

Account being cleared through YouTube video also

Recently it was also reported that scammers are making videos with the help of AI tools and through these videos they are stealing people’s money and their information by installing malware in their system. Cyber ​​intelligence form Cloudsec said that after November 2022, the ratio of such videos has increased by 200 to 300 percent in which scammers are hiding malware. Actually, in the description of these videos, scammers ask people to download the app or software and then through this software they steal people’s data. This is being done especially in tutorial videos.

Keep Yourself Safe

If you want to keep yourself safe on social media or internet, then always be careful and alert and use the internet. Under any circumstances, do not share your personal information with the person in front, nor believe anyone’s words. Be alert immediately when it comes to transactions and don’t act out of greed. 

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