Do not ignore these signs of children in winter season

Symptoms Of Pneumonia: Every year many children in the country become victims of pneumonia. Many children also die. Although there has been a decline in the death toll since the introduction of the vaccine, the disease is still serious. The risk of pneumonia in children is high during winter. That’s why it is more important to take care of children in winters than in other days. Let us know the symptoms of pneumonia and ways to prevent it.

what is pneumonia

According to health experts, pneumonia is an infection in the lungs that is caused by bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Due to this, the lungs of a person get swollen and liquid gets filled in them. Pneumonia can affect a person of any age. However, special efforts should be made to protect children up to five years of age from this.

pneumonia statistics

past According to the statistics of some years, in the year 2015, 9,20,136 children below the age of 5 years died due to pneumonia. According to doctors, the risk of pneumonia can be easily reduced. Also, the death of many children can also be prevented. But, due to lack of information and not getting the right treatment on time, a child dies of pneumonia infection every 20 seconds.

pneumonia vaccine

By getting children vaccinated according to the right time, the dangers of pneumonia can be avoided to a great extent. name of pneumonia vaccine is pneumococcal conjugate. This vaccine is administered to children at the age of one and a half months, two and a half months, three and a half months and 15 months.

These children are more at risk

According to doctors, malnourished children are more prone to pneumonia. Children up to the age of six months should not be fed anything outside except mother’s milk.

keep these things in mind

    • baby massage with lukewarm oil
    • Keep mouth closed while coughing and sneezing
    • Dispose immediately using tissue
    • fully clothed newborns
    • Get plenty of rest and eat healthy food
    • strengthen the immune system
    • adopt healthy lifestyle

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