Do not ignore yellow nails, it can be a sign of bad cholesterol

Nails and Health: If you have yellowness, cracks and roughness in your nails, then you should be careful. It is not common for this to happen. All these symptoms can also be symptoms of increasing Bad Cholesterol. There can be many reasons for the increase in bad cholesterol level. Cholesterol plays an important role in the formation of healthy cells in the body, but its excess can cause problems. When the level of bad cholesterol increases, our body gives many signals first. Recognize these signs and treat it at the right time so that this disease can be avoided.

Symptoms of increased cholesterol level

When cholesterol increases, cramps occur in the body, legs, thighs, hips, calves and toes. In such a situation, after taking some rest, these cramps get cured on their own. When the level of cholesterol increases, the color of the skin starts appearing yellow or blue. Slowing down of the nails of hands and feet is also a sign of increasing cholesterol level. Therefore, there is a need to pay attention to them in time.

numbness of feet

When the level of bad cholesterol in the body increases very much. Then the blood flow is not able to reach the feet properly. Due to this reason, sometimes your feet also start going numb. Whenever this happens, tingling in the feet also starts. So avoid ignoring it.

difference in foot temperature

Whenever the cholesterol level in your body increases, the temperature of one leg may be higher or lower than that of the other leg. Apart from this, when the plaque accumulates due to cholesterol in the blood vessels, then the blood flow slows down. This causes the problem of lack of blood in the legs. Because of this many times the temperature of the feet decreases and it starts getting cold.

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