Do not make these mistakes during fasting, there may be damage, know what Ayurveda says

Health Tips: It is recommended to fast for one day in a week. By fasting your body is detoxified. But when you do not eat or drink anything during the fast, then the energy of your body starts disappearing. Therefore, it is also advised that in fasting, one should also take full care of their health. Ayurveda also gives suggestions regarding this. Actually, when you fast, your diet completely changes. Because of this, sleep and lethargy start to surround you. However, the body is capable of keeping itself naturally fit. In such a situation, let us know which things Ayurveda recommends to keep in mind during fasting.

What are the benefits of fasting

According to Ayurveda, keeping a fast brings great benefits to health. Due to this the digestion remains correct. The body and mind remain clean. The mind remains very calm and blissful. By fasting, the toxic elements come out from the body and the mind starts working at a faster rate. It also brightens up your face. It is also said to be very beneficial for hair. Immunity remains better by fasting.

what to do during fasting according to ayurveda

  • Eat anything only when you are hungry.
  • Drink more and more water.
  • Try to eat things like lemon, ginger, cardamom, mint, fennel during the fast.
  • On the day of fasting, keep drinking hot water from time to time. It will be beneficial that hydration will remain in the body.
  • Eat only juice or light food in the evening.

what not to do

  • avoid dehydration
  • Avoid fried oily things
  • don’t eat together, eat little by little
  • Do not drink tea again and again during fasting
  • Avoid being on an empty stomach throughout the day

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