Do not take lightly the problem of skin peeling, you may have to face serious consequences

Skin Peeling: Often you must have seen that the skin of the hands, fingers and soles means that the skin starts coming out. It is very common for this to happen. Many times this happens often due to the rainy season or humidity or this problem happens to those people who do water work. Some people say that the new skin is coming out. Because of this this is happening. But let us tell you that apart from all these, this problem also arises in people due to many types of diseases, such as Sunburn, Psoriasis, Acral Peeling Skin Syndrome, sometimes it also causes itching and redness.

Why is there a problem of skin peeling?

1. Change in weather: Sometimes this happens because there is a change in the weather. Due to dry skin, the skin starts cracking. To keep your skin soft and moist, you should use moisturizer. This can also happen due to excessive sweating and exposure to sunlight.

2. Frequent hand washing: Many times, in order to take care of hygiene, we wash our hands so many times that such a problem related to the skin occurs. Alcohol-based products like hand sanitizer can also cause this problem. In such a situation, you wash your hands only when needed.

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3. Hand Eczema:Many times the fingers crack, then there is itching and redness also comes in it. These can be symptoms of hand eczema. In this way, wash your hands with lukewarm water and use mild soap. Make sure to use moisturizer after washing.

4Psoriasis: If you are seeing such symptoms in your hands and feet, then it is also likely to be psoriasis. Actually psoriasis is caused by overactive immune system, sometimes inflammation also occurs in the skin. In this, large patches occur in the skin.

5.Acral Peeling Skin Syndrome: What kind of condition is this which comes to the fore in the affected children in childhood itself. The top layer of the skin peels off. Although there is no pain in it.

6. Exfoliative Keratolysis: Fingers start peeling in this problem too. It can also affect the soles of the feet, the skin becomes dry and blisters develop. In such a situation, avoid harmful soap detergents and hand creams with lactic acid and urea.

7.Niacin Deficiency: Due to the deficiency of vitamin b3, the skin of the fingers peels, those who are very deficient can have pellagra. In this the skin becomes thick and there is a problem like scaly rashes.

8. Use of Chemical Products: The hand also peels many times because we repeatedly come in contact with chemical-rich products, which harm the skin. Those with sensitive skin are easily affected by it. That’s why it is better to avoid products with more chemicals. High quality skin care products that are safe for the skin.

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