Do not use dirty towels, it is a place of diseases, dangerous for health

Towel Cleaning: After bathing, after washing face or hands, people often use towels. Many times people also use used towels at home, with friends or elsewhere. This is dangerous for health. By using the same towel again and again, dirt settles in them. Many types of bacteria make their home in it. Which harm health. A recent research has revealed that used towels can contain millions of dangerous bacteria, which can cause many serious diseases. Know what this research says.

disease spread by bacteria

The team of microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona has recently completed this research, according to its report, E.coli bacteria are found in about 14 percent of the towels used in the bathroom. These bacteria are present in the digestive system of humans and spread throughout the body through faeces.

This is how bacteria grow

If the towel is not washed for several days, dangerous bacteria start to grow very fast. They make it their home and then when they are used again, they make them sick. Many types of serious diseases start due to them.

save your towels like this

According to Dr. Gerba, after using the towel 4-5 times, it should be cleaned with the help of activated oxygen. This reduces the effect of bacteria to a great extent and then this towel can be used.

what are the dangers

Dirty towels can harm you in many ways. In the article Well and Good, Dr. Joshua Zesner has written that oil, makeup and dead skin accumulate on face napkins or towels. This is where bacteria start to grow and later it causes skin problems like acne. Apart from this, using rough towels can cause problems like dry skin, flaking, itching.

what to use if not a towel

If the towel is dirty and you do not have a face napkin, then cotton dupattas or face wipes can be used. Avoid using it if your skin is sensitive or prone to acne.

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