Do these questions run in your mind if periods are late?

Women’s Health: No woman or girl likes to have periods, no one likes to go through abdominal pain, back pain, irritability and heavy flow, but in spite of all this, if periods get delayed in a single month Then see what doesn’t work in the mind of girls. Has this happened to you too? Let us know what women often do when periods are late and what thoughts start rising in their mind.

Pregnancy Care: The first thought that comes is that Periods are not coming, have I become pregnant? This happens when the girls are in a relationship and then their investigation starts from here.

Home Pregnancy Test: When girls do not understand anything, then finally they use home pregnancy test. When everything becomes clear from here, then she goes somewhere and takes a breath of relief.

Research on Google: On suspicion of pregnancy, Google is used a lot, there is more than one research. Girls start looking for signs of pregnancy.

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Memorizing dates again and again: Often, when periods do not come on time, women start adding calculations in their mind, such as whether they are thinking of the right date or they do not remember the date or they will have periods in the coming few days, like this Many types of Ul Jalul questions keep roaming in the minds of girls.

due to late periods

stress: Stress affects our physical health in many ways, delay in periods is one of those effects. When you take more stress and tension, the hormones that balance it in the body increase, and the reproductive hormones get disturbed, due to which periods are delayed.

Being overweight or underweight: Both obesity and thinness can cause harm to the body. Due to obesity, the menstruation cycle becomes irregular and due to low body weight, there can be a problem of menstruation.

Thyroid: Having any kind of thyroid problem also has a bad effect on menstruation. Because the thyroid gland controls the metabolism in the body, it is connected to other parts of the body, due to which the body does not function properly. That it badly affects the reproductive system.

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