Do these three exercises daily in winter

Yogasana In Winter: There is a need to take special care of the body in winter (Winter Special Tips). But due to the cold, there is lethargy in the body all the time and the mind wants to remain locked in the house. It is not entirely possible that you stay locked in your bed or at home for the whole day. In such a situation, we have brought special tips for you, due to which you will feel energetic and your body will remain active throughout the day.

According to the dietician or doctor, more attention should be paid to diet and exercise in winter. If you do not feel like going to the gym everyday, then you can do these 3 yoga poses comfortably by staying at home. With this, you can also drive away the pain in your body.

Must do these three yogasanas in winter:

Padahastasana (forward bend pose)

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By doing this yoasana, the heart becomes strong. And blood flows properly in the heart. Along with this, along with reducing the belly fat, it also works to cure the problems related to the stomach and increase the height.

Downward-facing dog pose

By doing this yoasana, the lower abdominal muscles become strong and toned. Along with this, the spinal cord is also strong. This asana is so good for the body that it improves blood circulation in your whole body. By doing this, the pain of hands and feet gets cured. Also they are toned. Diseases related to liver and kidney are also cured.

Chakrasana (wheel pose)

By doing this yoga posture, the weight always remains under control. Also the body is flexible. Its advantages are that by doing this it is beneficial in type 2 diabetes. And the spine remains straight.

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