Do you also eat paracetamol in a wrong way, know these special things, otherwise you will be upset

Right Use Of Paracetamol: Paracetamol is such a medicine that you will find in most of the houses in India. If anyone in the house has cold, flu or fever, then we think it appropriate to give paracetamol to him before showing him to the Indian doctor. But do we do it right? The bigger question is whether we know the right way to give paracetamol to a patient. If you do not know both these things, then by reading this article, today you will know to whom, when and how Paracetamol is given. Along with this, we will tell you in this article that along with paracetamol, there are other medicines which should not be given to a sick patient.

What diseases is paracetamol used for?

Usually paracetamol is used for cold, cough and fever. There is especially viral fever in this, for which we mostly use paracetamol. However, many times we use it even in headache, sprain or toothache. It is effective in pain because paracetamol acts like a pain reliever by affecting the body’s chemicals called prostaglandins. Similarly, when your body is heating up in fever, then taking paracetamol reduces the temperature of that part of the brain from where the temperature of the whole body is controlled.

Who should not use paracetamol

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Paracetamol should be used very carefully, especially for those people who have liver or kidney related diseases. Along with this, even if you are addicted to alcohol, you should use paracetamol very carefully or on the advice of a doctor. At the same time, paracetamol should not be given to children below the age of 2 months. The most important thing is that you should never take more than 4 doses of paracetamol within 24 hours. If ever such a need arises, first of all take medical advice.

what is the right way to take paracetamol

You should never take paracetamol on an empty stomach. If you are taking this medicine, then first of all eat something, so that your body becomes capable of handling the activities caused by this medicine. If you eat paracetamol on an empty stomach, then gas will start forming in your body. You may also complain of acidity. That’s why even when doctors prescribe paracetamol, they say that it should be taken only after breakfast and dinner.

What medicines should not be taken with paracetamol

Every medicine has its own composition. If you take two types of composition medicines together, then it can cause many types of action reactions in the body. Therefore, if you are eating paracetamol, do not eat these medicines with it even by mistake. These include –

Busulfan which treats cancer.

Carbamazepine which treats epilepsy.

Colestyramine which treats primary biliary cirrhosis.

Domperidone which relieves vomiting.

Metoclopramide which treats many such ailments including indigestion.

However, before accepting all the things written here, you must consult your doctor once. Depending on your illness and the composition of these medicines, your doctor can give you better advice on this.

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