Do you also feel like eating soil? may be a sign of disease

Health Tips: Often you must have seen that the children who are small lie down on the ground and lick the soil, eat the plaster of the wall, Coal Chowk and even eat the soil from the pitcher, children are addicted to this problem. This is not limited to children only, but adults also do this. Especially women can be seen secretly eating a piece of pitcher, Kullad Chowk etc. It is a kind of disease. This habit is called geophagia. Most of the people believe that this happens due to calcium deficiency while doctors say something else.

Actually it is directly related to the disease named Paika. In this, a person cannot stop himself from eating soil. This is mostly seen in pregnant women. The addiction of eating soil is just like the addiction of something intoxicating.

what is pica ,

According to doctors, pica is such a disease in which one has a craving to eat such substances which are not edible. Paika is the name of such a bird, which eats anything. The disease was named after him.

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When most of the women eat clay, it is said that they are deficient in calcium whereas this does not happen, this disease is directly related to iron deficiency. In this disease, a woman gets the urge to eat soil again and again, in such a situation, when she eats soil again and again, she starts having many problems in her stomach, such as the problem of worms in the stomach.

Kidney stone can also be a problem

If a woman or child eats soil continuously, then there will be obstruction in her intestines. Apart from this, there will also be a negative effect on the liver. Swelling starts in the body of children and elders who eat soil. Due to eating soil, there is a negative effect on the digestive system, due to which the food is not digested properly, besides this, the feeling of hunger either stops or reduces. Experts believe that soil does not dissolve inside water and its pebbles gradually turn into kidney stones.

Anemia can also be a complaint

By eating soil, a person also becomes a victim of anemia. The decrease of hemoglobin in the body is called anemia. Due to low hemoglobin, oxygen cannot enter the blood, due to which anemia occurs.

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