Do you have kidney stone? Understand these 5 signs, do not ignore

Kidney Stones Signs: Kidney is a very important part of the body. It works to remove the waste material made in the blood inside the body. Kidney also does the work of keeping the fluids in balance in the body. Kidney does the work of taking out things like excess sodium, phosphorus, water, salt, potassium made in the body through urine. The whole blood of the body passes through the kidneys at least 40 times a day. Kidney works to filter it for 24 hours. It also balances phosphorus, potassium, hemoglobin.

take care of kidney health

If there is any kind of problem in kidney function then it can prove to be fatal. This is the reason why kidney health should always be taken care of. Because when minerals and salts start forming more in the body, then it gets deposited in the hard form by going to the kidney. Which is called kidney stone. This can cause problems in kidney function. That’s why whenever your body shows 5 signs, then it should be understood that these are symptoms of kidney stone and should be shown to the doctor immediately..

when lower back hurts

According to health experts, the first sign of kidney stones is pain in the lower back. In some people it is very fast and in some people it is mild. Sometimes this pain can also go to the lower groin area. Due to this, burning sensation can also occur while urinating.

urine color change

Change in the color of urine is one of the early symptoms of kidney stone. If someone has kidney stone then the color of urine can be pink, red or brown. Because of this, blood can also come in the urine. Frequent urination and fast urination are also signs of kidney stone.

get fever

According to health experts, some people also get fever when they have kidney stones. Vomiting along with high fever and shivering in the body can be signs of kidney stones.

to be weak

If someone has kidney stone, then after having fever, there is a feeling of weakness and fatigue. Sometimes there is also the problem of vertigo. If this happens, a doctor’s advice should be taken.

severe abdominal pain

Apart from lower back pain, some people also feel pain in the lower abdomen due to kidney stones. This problem can increase a lot on the problem of kidney failure.

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