Do you know, apart from sanitary pads, these things are also used during periods

Alternatives Of Sanitary Pad: Periods, Menstruation, Menstruation is a natural process occurring in women which means that the body of women has crossed the first step to gain the ability to conceive. Beginning of periods means beginning of sexual state. Every month women go through this problem. It is as important as it is difficult for women. During this, bleeding usually occurs for 3 to 7 days. During periods, women use sanitary pads to avoid stains, but the question is, can only sanitary pads be used? In today’s article, we will know that apart from sanitary pads, what are the other options available for women to use during periods.

These are the alternatives of sanitary pads

1. Tampons: Apart from sanitary pads, tampons are also available in the market. Tampon helps in maintaining hygiene during periods, although it is not so comfortable for women, but it can get rid of the problem of rashes and itching in the skin and it is also very easy to use.

2.Cloth Pad: Cloth pads also look and are used like sanitary pads, but the difference remains that it can be prepared in a special way, that is, cotton is used in sanitary pads but cloth is used in it. Because of this, you can wash and use it again. Other toxic things like sanitary pads are not used in making it, it becomes very eco-friendly.

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3. Menstrual Cup: It is just like a tampon which is inserted in the vagina. Compared to sanitary pads and tampons, more blood can be collected at one go. There is no need to change it again and again like sanitary pads.

4. Menstrual Sponge: The next alternative to sanitary pads is the menstrual sponge. It is called by the name of sea-sponge, because it is extracted from the sea. It is completely natural, which can be reused for 6 months. It is also inserted in the vagina like a tampon. Its absorption capacity is very high. It does not contain chemical material in any way.

5. Menstrual Disc: There is another option called menstrual disc, people know very little about it. It is a disc which is inserted in the vagina. It can be used for up to 12 hours.

Disclaimer: The general information given in this article cannot be a substitute for medicine or treatment in any way. Always consult your doctor or specialist for more details.

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