Do you know how a board exam paper becomes final, then it is kept hidden like this

How CBSE Board Papers Are Set: Who prepares the questions asked in the board exams every year, who writes the papers and how are they finalized? If similar questions come to your mind too, then today you know the answers to them. Today we will know how the class 10th and 12th papers of CBSE i.e. Central Board of Secondary Education are made. Along with this, they also know how to keep them safe after being made.

Subject experts are selected first

CBSE first selects 4 to 5 subject experts to prepare the paper. Most of them are school and college teachers. There are three versions of each question paper. No one knows who makes this paper, their identity is kept secret. These experts make paper and send it to the board in a sealed envelope.

These papers are examined

In the next step, a high-powered committee examines these papers and examines whether these papers are from the CBSE syllabus or not and whether their standard is too high or too low. After approval, these are sent to CBSE. This process takes place every year in July-August.

CBSE gets the print done

CBSE gets these papers printed in a secret manner and they are sent to the regional office of CBSE for storage. These regional offices send these papers to the banks. These papers remain in the safety of the bank and remain sealed.

Seal opens on paper day

On the day of examination, papers are sent to the exam center and their seal is opened there. This work is done shortly before the paper starts. After that the papers are distributed to the students. The experts who set the paper do not know till the end whether the paper they had set has been included in the final paper or not.

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