Do you know: Why should not donate blood after getting a tattoo

Blood Donation Tips: Getting tattoos is a part of fashion and lifestyle today. Children, youth, everyone is seeing the craze of tattoos. Women are also not behind in this. If you are also fond of getting tattoos, then you should know some things. Many times people go out to donate blood after getting tattoos. But do you know that it is very dangerous. Otherwise, know today, the effect on the body after getting a tattoo and after all why you can’t donate blood after getting a tattoo.

effect of tattoo on body

Nowadays people of almost every age are getting tattoos on their body or are planning. From children to adults, tattoos with different designs are made in different parts of their body. After getting a tattoo, people are also given some health-related tips. First of all, people have to give information about any disease related to blood. In such a situation, it is also very important to consult a doctor. Most people believe that donating blood should not be done after getting a tattoo. Where some people believe that blood should not be donated for a certain period of time after getting a tattoo. At the same time, some people believe that blood can never be donated after getting a tattoo. Let’s know the facts about it…

Avoid donating blood for 1 year

According to health experts, donating blood immediately after getting a tattoo can be very dangerous for us. The needles and ink used to make tattoos pose a risk of contracting many blood-related diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV. Actually, the needle used to make tattoos is not taken out separately for every person. In such a situation, there is a risk of transfer of blood-related diseases. This is done because there is no fixed guideline regarding tattoos.

keep these things in mind

If you have to get a tattoo done, then try to get it done from a good parlor. Also you should take care of hygiene. You should think of donating blood only after at least 1 year of getting a tattoo, that too after donating blood. According to the American Red Cross Society, you should not donate blood for at least 12 months after getting any type of tattoo. Also, get tattoos done with new syringes.

Don’t donate blood after piercing

It is forbidden to donate blood even after piercing. However, there is no risk of any kind of blood exchange in the piercing. Still, if there is infection or swelling, etc., its effect will be visible on your body within a week.

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