Do you recognize this ‘Chhoti Gangubai’ seen with Baba Satish? See how the actress has changed

Saloni Daini Upcoming Project with Satish Kaushik: Whenever you hear the name of Gangubai, you must have first glimpse of Alia Bhatt in your mind, but when a small word is put in front of this Gangubai, ie ‘Chhoti Gangubai’ is mentioned, then everyone laughed at people’s tongue. The name of Saloni Daini, who laughs and laughs, comes.

Saloni Daini is the one who used to make people laugh a lot by becoming a little Gangubai in Comedy Circus Mahasangram. Saloni Daini was known for her amazing comic timing. During which Saloni was seen in Comedy Circus, during that time 2 teeth in front of her were also seen broken. People liked this cute nature of Saloni and her funny style.

Now you must be thinking why we are remembering little Gangubai after so long. For your information, let us tell you that this little Gangubai has become very beautiful now, recently Saloni has shared her beautiful pictures on her Instagram, as well as in the recently shared picture, Saloni is seen creating something new. . In the viral picture, Saloni can be seen with Satish Kaushik. In this picture, Satish Kaushik is seen in the guise of a pandit wearing huge garlands of Rudraksh around his neck, applying sandalwood vaccine on his forehead.

Sharing the beautiful picture with Satish Kaushik, Saloni wrote in the caption – Oh tu rail gaddi wich was born…After listening to this dialogue, it seems that Satish must have said this for the first time while looking at Saloni.. Val With this, Saloni further wrote in the caption – Something is coming with the legend.. It is clear from this that Saloni is ready to make some big bang, if you look at her Insta profile, she maintains her fitness while doing daily workouts. seem to be doing.

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