Do you want to take the children to the Dussehra fair? This is the most special place

Dussehra Mela: Children love Dussehra’s fair. On this day the effigies of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakarna are burnt. Children enjoy with family. Fair is also considered a traditional means of entertainment in India. Although now gradually the culture of the fair has started decreasing, but even today there are many such places, where the fair is very famous.

There are many such places in the country, where you can take your children to see the fair. Before Dussehra, decoration starts here in Navratri itself. Ramlila is organized and Ravana is burnt on the tenth day. Elderly people including children are also seen in these fairs. Let’s know some special places, where Dussehra fair is very famous in itself…

Ramlila Maidan, Delhi

The fair of Ramlila Maidan in Delhi is quite famous. A huge fair is organized on the festival of Navratri and Dussehra in Ramlila Maidan located near Ajmeri Gate. Ravana combustion is very special here. If you want to visit the children’s fair, then the fair of Ramlila Maidan will be the most special. Here you can taste the swing, street food.

Red Fort Ground, Delhi

The fair of another place in Delhi is very special. The Dussehra fair held at Red Fort ground must be shown to the children. Here they can enjoy a lot of things. It is so huge that you will also enjoy it a lot. Big celebrities also come here. Many veteran leaders attend the fair here every year. From food and drink to toys for children, great stalls are set up here.

Subhash Park, Pitampura

The fair of Pitampura in Delhi is also very famous. Here Ravan Dahan takes place at Netaji Subhash Place Ground. Various colorful programs are also organized. Here you can enjoy Ravan Dahan, swing and spicy things with children.

Noida Stadium

The Dussehra fair of Noida Stadium, located near Delhi, is quite famous. Every year Dussehra fair is organized here. Ravan Dahan is worth seeing here. Right now Ramlila is being staged here. You can bring children to show the fair here.

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