Does applying deodorant cause breast cancer? Know what is the truth

Breast Cancer Awareness : Applying perfume has become a common practice these days. Whenever we go out, we use deodorant to make the people around us feel the fragrance throughout the day. There are also many women who definitely apply deodorant before going out. But do you know that many people also believe that applying deodorant can cause breast cancer. This is the reason why many women avoid it. Recently, once again its discussion on social media increased when Dr. Tanaya i.e. Dr. Cuters shared their thoughts about it on social media (Breast Cancer Awareness). Let us know what he said and what is the truth of it..

Can perfume cause breast cancer?

According to Dr Tanaya, this is completely baseless. The things that are being spread on the Internet about it are rumors (Breast Cancer Awareness). He said that so far there is no evidence that underarm roll-on deodorants cause breast cancer (What Causes Breast Cancer). He told that people claim that it contains aluminum which can block the sweat glands and can be absorbed in the body. This can cause breast cancer. (Can Perfume Cause Breast Cancer)

‘It’s just a myth and not a fact’

Dr. Tanaya told that the aluminum thing is absolutely wrong. The amount of aluminum your underarms absorb from deodorant is not enough to cause cancer. According to some studies, it is as small as 0.012 percent, which is a very small amount of aluminum. He said that there is no need to worry about deodorants. You can use it as much as you want.

If you want to avoid breast cancer then do this work

  • Maintain body weight.
  • Be physically active. Exercise every day.
  • If you drink alcohol, try to reduce it or not to drink.
  • According to many studies, breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  • Talk to a gynecologist before hormone therapy.

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