Does eating curd cause gas and acidity in the stomach? remove confusion here

Does curd cause acidity: Curd has always been considered good for health. Whether taking curd with food or using sugar-curd for any auspicious work, even today curd is remembered for auspicious works. There are some chemical substances in curd, due to which curd gets digested faster than milk. But many people have such a complaint that whether eating curd causes gas or acidity in the stomach. Today we will clear your confusion whether eating curd really causes stomach problems, or is there some other reason for it. Please tell that the amount of calcium is found in curd very high, and it develops bones in our body and it does not create gas or acidity in the stomach.

Does eating curd cause gas and acidity in the stomach?

No, curd is not harmful for your stomach, nor does it cause gas and acidity, but if you eat it at the wrong time, it may cause some problems. Curd is very beneficial for the stomach. Curd contains protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin B6 which are very good for the body. The bacteria present in it are also beneficial for your body. Apart from this, curd treats the stomach as well as a panacea for your hair and skin. You should know how to use it.

Curd calms the heat of the stomach

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When you eat food, you need curd for taste, in this case you consume curd. Let us tell you that you can eliminate acidity with a bowl of curd. Because it also helps you to keep the pH of the body right. If you use curd after eating food, then it digests your food more well. Apart from this, if you talk about your skin, curd can also prove to be very helpful in removing tanning, if you mix gram flour with curd and apply it, it will give glow to your skin.

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