Does obesity affect the emotional health of children?

Obesity Effect On Child: Obesity is the biggest problem of today’s time, due to which everyone, big or small, is struggling. It is said that obesity is the result of many different reasons. Sometimes it is genetic, sometimes it is due to your unhealthy lifestyle and when it comes to childhood obesity, then according to doctors, childhood obesity gradually starts affecting the emotional health of children. After all, let us know what is the effect of obesity on the mind of children who look cute than chubby.

1. feeling ashamed

The obesity which seems cute in childhood, as soon as the children start growing up, the same obesity becomes the reason for their shame. It hurts children emotionally. It has been found in studies that from the age of six, children start taking obesity as negative. According to them, no one likes a child who is fat.

2. Confidence starts to loose

Although it is true that some overweight children may enjoy popularity among their peers. They are called cute and chubby but at the same time the confidence of such children starts decreasing among friends. Their confidence gradually decreases, which starts affecting their personality.

3. Depression

Whenever obesity increases, children start feeling that they will not fit anywhere. Children start feeling lonely. This obesity becomes the cause of depression for them because they start feeling sad all the time and it also affects their emotional health.

4. Emotional Eating

Where parents and doctors advise to eat less to lose weight, as the child feels lonely, he moves towards emotional eating. Emotional eating is a condition when a person feels good after eating due to stress even when he is not hungry.

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