Donating blood reduces the risk of these dangerous diseases, know in how many days to donate blood?

Importance Of Blood Donation: Do you know that by donating blood you can save many lives. However, even today people in India are afraid of donating blood. They think that this will cause weakness in the body. While it is not so at all. Blood donation keeps the body healthy and many diseases are removed. Donating blood for the heart is considered very beneficial. Blood donation keeps weight under control. It also reduces the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer. There is a lack of awareness among the people regarding blood donation. That’s why people are afraid to donate blood. Let us know what are the benefits of blood donation and in how many days a healthy person can donate blood.

benefits of blood donation
1- Make the heart healthy- The biggest advantage of blood donation is that it keeps the heart healthy. People who keep donating blood have a lower risk of heart diseases and stroke. High iron in the blood affects heart health. While donating blood balances the amount of iron.

2- Reduce the risk of cancer- Those who keep donating blood from time to time maintain iron balance in their body. This can reduce the risk of many types of cancer. Donating blood reduces the risk of cancer.

3- Reduce obesity- Blood donation reduces weight and burns more calories. After donating blood, the level of red blood cells becomes equal in a few months. If you are doing healthy diet and exercise together then obesity is reduced rapidly.

4- Increases red cells production- People who donate blood, the process of completing the lack of blood in their body gets accelerated. Due to which red blood cells increase in the body. This keeps your health good.

5- Overall health is good- People who donate blood regularly have better health than others. This keeps overall health good. It also helps in controlling blood pressure. By donating blood, you are saving someone’s life, it also gives mental satisfaction.

Blood donation should be done in how many days
Doctors say that a healthy person should donate blood every 3 months. The reason behind this is that red blood cells automatically die within 90 to 120 days in the body and new cells are formed. This is the reason why doctors recommend donating blood every 3 months.

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