Don’t make the mistake of donating blood after getting tattooed, it can be dangerous

In today’s era, tattooing has become a trend. It has become a fashion that everyone wants to follow. In this race, everyone is engaged in beating each other. Some are making a picture of their favorite star, while some make a picture of their favorite God. Now a question revolves a lot in the minds of people who get tattoos done, that is whether they can donate blood after getting tattooed, then according to WHO, you cannot donate blood for 6 months after getting tattooed. Today we will tell you what is the reason behind this.

Risk of HIV r Hepatitis

The biggest reason behind this is that a needle is used again, which increases the risk of transfer of blood transmitted diseases. The ink used for tattoos also does not change, due to which the risk of HIV and Hepatitis B infection increases. Such people should avoid donating blood immediately. At present, there are no rules and regulations for tattooing, anyone can easily get tattooed at any time. As of now anyone is allowed to get tattooed, that’s why the risk of diseases remains. This is the reason why the tattoo artist is advised to get tattoo done from a good tattoo parlour, so that complete care can be taken of hygiene. After getting tattoo done, you should donate blood only after getting blood test done, for this you have to wait for at least 6 months.

Blood donation prohibited even after piercing

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The way blood cannot be donated for a long time after tattooing, similarly blood should not be donated even after piercing i.e. ear or nose piercing, because all the same things apply here. Here but you have to wait for a week because piercing affects your bloodstream, you should wait for a week because if you have any infection or swelling due to this then its effect will be visible on the body.

The WHO report also says that if someone has got body piercing done by a health professional and the swelling caused by it has been cured, blood can be donated even after about 12 hours after piercing. Therefore, if you want to donate blood, then definitely take care of these things. Apart from this, if any minor surgery has been done in the body, then in such a situation also you have to wait to donate blood.

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